Tax and Information

Seaford District Library staff welcome the opportunity to assist customers in finding tax forms and instructions.

Income tax forms may be downloaded and printed using library computers.  Reproducible Federal income tax forms for the current tax year may be available later in the tax season and may be photocopied at the library.  The print and photocopy charge at the library is $0.25 per page. 

If a particular form cannot be located, please ask for help at the Information Desk.

Seaford District Library staff cannot provide tax advice. Information and links are offered only as a convenience and Seaford District Library is not responsible for content. If you need assistance with taxes please contact First State Community Action Agency.

The IRS will be sending a limited number of the following forms:

1040U.S. Individual Income Tax ReturnAvailableForm
1040 Instr.1040 InstructionsAvailableInstructions
1040 SchedulesSchedules for Form 1040AvailableInstructions
Publ. 17Your Federal Income Tax (For Individuals)Not AvailableNot Yet Published
1099-MiscMiscellaneous IncomeAvailableForm (Info Copy Only)
1099-Misc Instr.Miscellaneous Income InstructionsAvailableInstructions
W-2Wage and Tax StatementAvailableForm
W-2 Instr.Wage and Tax Statement InstructionsNot AvailableInstructions
State Tax Forms & Filing OptionsState ReturnsNot AvailableState Forms
Previous Years IRSU.S. Individual Income Tax ReturnNot AvailableIRS Forms